Weight Loss Surgery- Why I Did It!

A few months before my 29th birthday I decided to have weight loss surgery. At the time I was weighing over 200 pounds, and on my very short 5’2” frame that’s a lot of weight! I thought about multiple procedures before like the lap band or the o-band and things like that but I wasn’t really sure I should.

At this point I had tried multiple things to lose weight: programs, shots, diet, exercise, whatever was supposed to help you I tried it. For a while I was able to go down but then it would creep right back up, especially any of those things that required me to cut certain foods out.

I started trying so many different things because somewhere after I turned 28, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I was prescribed the pills and all! I was like this can’t be life!! Then when my pressure still was not stabilizing after adding a water pill to help supplement the blood pressure pill, I knew something needed to change. Then I started feeling like absolute @%*#! I would have to leave work early because my chronic migraines returned full force, I would feel nauseous and sick to my stomach and quite often my blood pressure was in a dangerous range, even with the pills I was taking, I’m talking 150’s over 100’s.

My family was super concerned and even my co-workers were expressing their worry. My doctors were even more concerned when my cholesterol had hit borderline numbers for medication.

I had heard about another procedure called the gastric sleeve, and some other women I knew had the surgery and were having good results. I decided to look into it because at that point I had already decided the gastric bypass and the band procedures weren’t for me.

I spoke to the surgeon that was recommended to me and after speaking to him I made up my mind and started the process for getting it approved with my insurance company. I was very fortunate to have really great insurance, thanks mommy!, because it was approved to be paid for 100%. All I had to pay for was my co-pays to the various doctors and specialists I had to visit.

My surgery was scheduled a few months later and the rest, as they say, was history.

Some people regret it, some people love it, and different people get it done for different reasons. My main reason for doing it was my health, point, blank, period. Only 28 with high blood pressure and about to have cholesterol issues and just feeling like the walking dead every other day was enough for me to make a drastic decision to make a change. It was the first moment of major change in my life and I don’t regret that decision at all, my health is so much better, I feel 100% better and the added perk is that I look even better!

Many people kept telling me I didn’t need the surgery or questioned my motives, but I brushed it all aside. No one was going to live in my body with the issues I was having but me, so at the end of the day the only decision that mattered was mine.

Disclaimer: Please speak to your healthcare provider in regards to any thoughts of surgery. I am not a healthcare professional and I am not telling you what to do. These are simply my words and thoughts on my experience with the surgery.

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