Fear of Change?

make or become different.
the act or instance of making or becoming different.

How often have you changed your mind about something in life?

My track record is not squeaky clean when it comes to changing my mind. But hey, It’s a woman’s prerogative, well anyone’s prerogative, we women just always seem to be blamed the most for it… go figure.

No Need to Fear Change

If you ask me change is essential to a fulfilled life. Without change we become stagnant, and for some that maybe ok, although they know in the back of their minds they are restless, but for most people change is a regular occurrence.

Changes I’ve brought to my life…

  1. Decided not to be a doctor
  2. Transition to natural hair (On two different occasions)
  3. Go for my MBA
  4. Chop off my hair! (This was a big one for me, I literally had 2 inches on my head!)
  5. Decide to get weight-loss surgery (Health-wise it was a necessity to me)
  6. Start a blog
  7. Work towards my ideal life (Baking, creating, writing, life-coaching)

Some of those things may seem trivial and some actually are pretty life-changing, but after each and every one I felt a sense of peace, happiness, excitement and/or joy.

So Let’s Start A Change

Think back to a time when you made some type of change, ANY type of change, from changing your hair color/style, deciding to finally let go of a poisonous relationship, going for that degree, or making a career change.

Now that you’ve got that moment in mind…

How did you feel when it was all said and done? I’m not talking about that knee-jerk reaction RIGHT after you made the decision, I’m talking about after the dust settled.

From the smallest to largest of changes, we’ve survived them and thrived.

So why let fear of change be a reason or excuse to keep you from getting off your ass and making that one decision that you have been dreading/procrastinating over for some reason?

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