Do You Know When To Stop?

It’s Sunday evening and I have had one hell of a weekend. I’m not talking about a wild partying type of weekend, I’m talking about so busy and not all good things happening type of weekend.

In the midst of all this there are so many things that I need to get done. I have a fondant cake that needs to be made by Thursday (in the middle of me still working a full time job), a blog I need to finish setting up, design decisions for that blog, more writing for that blog, pictures need to be taken for that blog, my hair needs to be washed and I have a few dishes in the sink that need washing as well.

And you know what?

I don’t want to do any of it and I’m not!

And that is ok!


Ok, so I might be cheating by writing this, since it’s on the list and will make it to the blog, but I just wanted to say that it is the only one on the list getting done today and I am OK with that. I wanted to get it out of my head and written down so that it helps other people, it does me or you no good just floating around in my thoughts making me anxious thinking about it.

I’ve been trying so hard to get a move on and get things done and power through the fatigue, but in the spirit of becoming a better version of me, I have to know when to listen to my body.

Today it needed rest.

All last week I worked late everyday (as a salaried employee, it doesn’t benefit me in the slightest). And tragedy struck early Saturday morning, which is looking up so far, and just not sleeping more than a couple of hours in the middle of all that is draining.

We push ourselves so hard, and while some will appreciate the efforts, our bodies won’t. In the spirit of transparency, I need a break, I’ve been lazing around all day even though I did an hour or two of blog research (my head just wasn’t fully into it), and it’s about to continue. I’m making me a drink (you know, the adult kind), turning on the boob-tube (that’s the TV for people who’ve never heard the term) and doing absolutely nothing for the rest of the night.

But before I go…

Do you listen to your body, or know what the signs of fatigue are? What do you give yourself to relax and recharge?

Ok, signing off now on that note…

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