Let’s Talk Money


A word scarier than the boogieman.

But why does it have to be? Because of the problems we have with it? Or maybe because it’s always the giant elephant in the room we’ve been told not to talk about?

Money doesn’t have to be scary. We just have to start talking about it and start managing it and not letting it manage us. 

If you really stop and think about it, you‘ll realize money was never really a topic at the dinner table, not something your parents told you how to handle. You might have heard the complaints that there wasn’t enough of it, or the more money you make the more problems it causes or even my favorite… it don’t grow on trees.

Funny yet true story: My parents tried that on me and I told them “but it does! You have a little one in the bottom of you closet!” This was back in those days when people would fashion money into roses and trees and stick them in flower pots as a gift. I was like five or six, what did I know! They fell out laughing, because what could they say?! That was the worst statement you could tell a child when they’d seen one of those!

I still like to tell them it does and that I’ve seen it with my own two eyes, just for kicks 😉 and usually to the response of laughs and eye rolls.

Now back to the regularly scheduled program… we have to start talking about money! The one money conversation I can always remember hearing growing up was to keep my credit good. It stuck, my credit is really good. But imagine what my life would have been like if I had been told all those years to save or invest. Let me tell you, I would be sitting on a nice chunk of change right about now.

So let’s change the trend and start talking about money. I’m not saying go up to every Tom, Dick and Harry and tell them all your business but you can at least get financially naked (as my financial advisors/trainers like to call it) with your family and loved ones.

Don’t think of it as becoming vulnerable or giving up the goods, think of it as a learning opportunity. You know there are things that you can teach people about the mistakes you’ve made or the things that seem to be working for you and they can teach you the same.

So let’s talk money. What are some of your biggest money mistakes?


P.S. If I could put some emojis in here or some of my more comical expressions you’d probably die of laughter, but if you use your imagination I’m sure it can come up with some funny equivalents! 😉


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