About Me

Who Am I You May Ask…

My name is Chudney and I’d like to welcome you into my world! I’m a born and bred Miami native with a life-long love affair with books and a creative soul. I always wanted to be my own boss and not have to conform to the “working box” that the world always tries to shove us in. I’ll admit that I fell victim to it for a while (I mean hey, bills gotta get paid right?) but I’ve decided enough is enough!

I think the thing the held me back for so long, besides fear obviously, was the anxiety that I wanted to do so many things and they don’t always go hand in hand or play very nicely together. Baking, reading, finances, inspiration, traveling, etc. (I mean the list could go on forever) don’t necessarily mesh well. But then I started thinking why can’t they?! This is my world and my life, it is what I make of it. The best way I know how to get and do everything I want is to go for it.

My daddy always told me I could do whatever I put my mind to and honey…I’m putting my mind to it! So here I start with my blog and my dreams, working on content that speaks to the core of me. Hopefully it speaks to you too and gives you the courage to break the mold and follow your dream, whatever it may be!

So this is the first swing at that box, and I’d like to take you along as I break it down and build up my own perfect little world!